ECTRI Members are research-oriented organisations, some dealing with cutting-edge research issues. They are involved in regional, national, European and international programmes.

ECTRI includes 28 institutes (or universities) from 21 different countries (see map below).



Research establishments (e.g. research centres/institutes or universities) with the following key characteristics:

  1. head offices in Europe;
  2. full legal status and identity;
  3. tasked with activities of public interest in the field of transport research;
  4. conducting considerable research activities in transport (multimodal perspective);
  5. is well recognized in its field in its country.


Interested in becoming a member ?

Please download the key information and conditions where you will find information on the criteria for membership, benefits and duties, membership selection procedure and annual fee structure.


If you feel that your organisation fulfils the membership criteria, then complete the application form and send it back together with an accompanying letter to the ECTRI office via post (Rue du Trône 98, B-1050 Brussels, BELGIUM)  or e-mail.