Young Researchers Seminar

In cooperation with FEHRL and FERSI, ECTRI initiated the bi-annual Young Researchers Seminar (YRS). It offers the opportunity to a network of young transport researchers from Members of ECTRI, FEHRL and FERSI as well as from research organisations across the US to gather and interact during the three-day seminar, where young researchers are able to improve their presentation skills in written and oral scientific communication by tutorial means. The tutoring is done by senior researchers who themselves are acting in a truly international scientific culture. A dedicated Task Force (TF Young Researchers Seminar) is established for each edition in order to guarantee knowledge transfer and support the seminar’s host institution.

So far, eight Young Researchers Seminars have been organised: 2003-Lyon, France; 2005-The Hague, The Netherlands; 2007-Brno, Czech Republic; 2009-Torino, Italy; 2011-Copenhagen, Denmark; 2013-Lyon, France; 2015-Rome, Italy; 2017-Berlin,Germany.

More information and the proceedings can be found on the Young Researchers Seminars websites :

YRS 2003 – YRS 2005 – YRS 2007 – YRS 2009 – YRS 2011 – YRS 2013 – YRS 2015 – YRS 2017 – YRS 2019