Vision & Mission

Visions & Mission


ECTRI is the leading European Research Association for Sustainable and Multimodal Mobility


ECTRI is pushing for green, safe, efficient and inclusive transport for people and goods by:

  •  Promoting transport research and enhancing its scientific quality and effectiveness
  •  Providing independent, evidence‐based advice to decision makers in Europe
  •  Incorporating and representing the foremost European transport research institutes and universities

Strategic objectives & Values


In order to implement the vision and the mission, six strategic objectives have been defined:

  • Shaping the future European Research Area (ERA)
  • Promoting participation in R&D projects
  • Servicing its Members through information, exchange and representation
  • Fostering education and training
  • Disseminating research results
  • Joining research capabilities and infrastructures


The core values of ECTRI are intellectual independence, transparency and scientific excellence


For a short overview of ECTRI strategy and activities, you can download the following documents:

ECTRI’s Strategy Paper – November 2011
ECTRI 2018 leaflet, April 2018
ECTRI 2018 Thematic Groups leaflet, April 2018
ECTRI overview presentation, October 2018
ECTRI Members’ fields of expertise
ECTRI Members’ traffic sector activities